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Country Cream(R) Milk Powder Products, 100% Real, Soy (non GMO), Whey Drink Milk Alternative.

Powdered Milk should all taste this good

Country Cream® Powdered Milk Products

ON my last order, I was upset to find this was not dried whole milk, but I decided to give it a try anyway. After the lousy milk from the cannery and other sources I didn't have much hope for Country Cream. Imagine my family's surprise when it turned out to be the best powdered milk we've ever had. When it is reconstituted it is immediately drinkable. I'd recommend this to anyone who routinely hates powdered milk - give it a try and you'll be delighted at the quality of the product.

Ann Zavala - 8/6/2011

Country Cream® Instant 100% Real Non-Fat Powdered Milk, Dutch Milk Chocolate drink, Soy Milk, Chocolate Soy Milk and MilQ milk alternative whey drink are the country's best in powdered milk products. Voted number one in taste tests with other national and local brand milks.

Be sure you see "Country Cream®" on the label to get the best powdered milk products available!

Made from the finest Wisconsin cow milk, after the cream milk fat is removed the 100% pure milk with added vitamins A & D is then air dried at low heat in a single pass process to retain its freshness and nutrients. That is why our powdered milk tastes fresher and according to our customers just like skim, 1% or 2% depending on the concentration it is mixed. Check the ingredients; milk, vitamin A, vitamin D3. That's it; just pure milk in powdered form, with no preservatives!

If you're looking for a delicious powdered milk for any reason but are hesitant to buy a can that makes up to 5 gallons and would just like to try it. We now have a one and a half (1.5) serving trial packet of our Country Cream® Instant 100% Real Non-Fat Powdered Milk! It is 1.5 servings so you can experiment with the proportions to see if you prefer a thicker mix than the normal reconstituted non-fat milk. Start with 8 ounces of water in a glass, mix in the powder (warm or cold does not matter), sip, and if too thick for your taste just add more water. The bag makes up to 12 ounces of reconstituted milk.

May I, as webmaster, add that the Country Cream Dutch Chocolate Powdered Milk Drink made with Country Cream Instant 100% Real Non-Fat Powdered Milk and real Hershey's Chocolate is to die for! Don't mix too much or you may find yourself drinking all of it at one sitting!

Check out all our great powdered milk and powdered milk alternative products in our Milk / Soy Milk section of the catalog.

This is such a great product we gave it its own website.

One can of Country Cream® Instant 100% Real Non-Fat Powdered Milk makes up to 5 gallons of reconstituted 100% Real Non-Fat milk. If you happen to be used to whole milk then you'll want to experiment with extra powder in the mix for a creamier taste.

Powdered Milk Mixing Instructions:
Water Milk Powder Makes
1 cup 2 Tbsp 1 cup single serving
4 cups 2/3 - 1 cup 1 quart
16 cups 2-2/3 - 3 cup 1 gallon
80 cups Whole #10 can 5 gallons
2 parts 1 part cream-like

Country Cream® Powdered Milk-Alternative Products

For the lactose intolerant we have Powdered Soy Milks, MilQ and MilQ Chocolate whey drink milk alternatives. Our Country Cream® MilQ powdered milk alternative maybe whey based but like our real milk this tastes superior to other brands. Specially formulated for discerning tastes MilQ actually tastes like milk!

Customers from all around the United States and Canada buy only Country Cream® products as they have found our products meet or exceed their needs for milk alternatives and/or long term storage. Our soy milk is made from Certified Non-Genetically Modified Organisms (Non-GMO) solids and provides complete nutrition with all nine critical nutrients. It contains natural occurring isoflavones and photo-estrogens from Non-GMO soy.

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We specialize in food storage and emergency preparedness. Our Country Cream® Milk products have long been sought after for food storage and Country Cream® Soy Milk for the lactose intollerant.